What is better than relaxing while you are getting a massage from a specialist? It’s the only time where you are allowed to turn your brain off and unwind for a while.
I watched behind the scenes in a small wellness center and I am quite surprised (in a positive way).

Last week the wellness team Michaela and Josef, from the hotel where I am working, invited me to their department. Michaela showed me all their rooms where they massage the guests and make their different treatments.

They have 3 different kinds of saunas, a steam bath and out- and indoor cooling pools.


I really like the design of the hotel wellness-center and the team is so lovely and caring. In addition to these saunas and the little cooling pools, they have even more than these.

SO here are the other ‚rooms‘ which they showed me.


I am very fascinated of their SPA world in the big hotel, they also have a big selection of different treatments and special things. Surprisedly the adorable Michaela made my toenails prettier with an awesome nail polish and next to this she formed my eyebrows a bit. At this point THANK YOU!

PS. Next week I’ll finish my internship in Tyrol and I’ll get home after 8 weeks, I am pretty excited! 🙂

Nadine xoxo



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